Block Paving Revival 

Block Paving

The Revival Process  

Block paving when first laid looks neat and tidy. But weeds, moss and algae can grow very rapidly in the soft jointing sand between block pavers. This looks unsightly and the maintenance involved to keep it looking new is time consuming and physically demanding.

The Drive - Reviver will weed kill, clean, re-sand and seal (optional) your block paving to prevent weeds and other forms of surface growth becoming established. Ant nests and other burrowing insects will be eradicated after sealing as they will no longer be able to remove the jointing sand which sets hard like cement after two coats of polyurethane sealer are applied. There are cheaper alternatives to polyurethane but they do not offer the longevity and resilience that polyurethane sealers produce. I only use the very best polyurethane sealers with the highest solids content available. 

Block paving cleaning & sealing is done in steps over a period of about 7 - 14 days depending on weather conditions. A full written quotation is provided prior to starting the process, explaining clearly what the customer can expect.

Here is a summary of the process - 

1) Glyphosate weed killer is sprayed onto any stubborn deep seated roots, weeds or grass approximately 7 days before cleaning. This kills any vegetation from the root upwards. Very often I will carry this process out when measuring up the area to be cleaned. It's more cost, and time effective for me to weed kill at this stage.

2) The surface of the block paved driveway is cleaned using my extremely powerful petrol driven 5000 psi high pressure industrial power washer. This pressure washer costs £4500 new, no other contractor in this sector offers this amount of pressure. This pressure coupled to a Mosmatic rotary surface cleaner removes ingrained dirt using a minimum of water.

3) Spot cleaning of any stubborn oil stains / marks can be carried out where required using oil stain remover, a stiff brush and then our turbo lance.

4) Any existing faults like cracked pavers, low spots etc can be rectified.

5) Once the block paved driveway is completely dry, fresh kiln dried silica sand is swept into the joints. The sand acts as a joint stabiliser for the blocks and prevents movement.

6) All surrounding areas affected by the process are cleaned also, including professional hand cleaning of all windows.

7) Optional - Two  generous coats of Polyurethane block paving sealer is applied by roller onto the surface of the block paved driveway. The block paving sealer makes the jointing sand hard like cement. This prevents any weed growth between the joints, keeping your drive looking neat and tidy for up to ten years with just a light annual wash off. The block paving sealer filters UV rays, helping to prevent loss of colour over time. It also deepens the colour of the blocks bringing out the true lustre of you surface as can be seen in pictures below and our gallery section (Gallery tab above.)

Price - £3 m² Unsealed

              £9.50 m² Sealed