Pattern Imprinted Concrete Revival

The Revival Process 

Common problems associated with PIC, and helpful cost effective solutions offered by The Drive - Reviver.

1. Cloudy Sealer (as above photo) - The surface has been sealed too soon before the 'Green' concrete has cured sufficiently. Or alternatively the surface has trapped ambient moisture underneath. The cloudy appearance is trapped moisture under the sealer.

Solution - Wash the surface. Allow to dry, then use a xylene wash to reactivate any existing sealer allowing the moisture to escape before resealing with a high solids acrylic sealer coat.

2. Flaking Sealer (again as above photo) - Too much 'antiquing agent' powder left on the coloured surface due to insufficient cleaning off / insufficient acid wash before sealing. This can be costly and time consuming to remedy but it is far cheaper than a new drive. And as can be seen from the finished quarter above it can have remarkable results.

Solution - Application of a stripping agent to soften the sealer then pressure wash the soft sealer layer away exposing the finished concrete surface. Etch the surface using an acid wash. Re-seal the concrete with two coats of high solid sealer spray misted across the whole surface once it has dried.

3. Faded colour on the surface of the concrete. Generally this is through loss of sealant in certain areas, the concrete will begin to fade where it has no protection from the sealant . It is recommended the area is treated soon to prevent any further fading!

Solution - The surface requires a wash off, once dry it can then be given two coats of fine mist spray of high solids sealer. This will lift the colour back to near installation colour.

4. Slippery When Wet - A real bug bear when it comes to PIC. This is caused by a lack of friction underfoot due to one of the following reasons - Not enough texture in the pattern chosen for the incline on the driveway. Sealer applied too thickly. Lack of shark / rhino grip sealer additive on the finished surface

Solution - Adding shark / rhino grip to the finished surface by means of re-activating the surface and sprinkling on. Or mixing with the sealer and applying a full coat of light mist spray.

5. Chipped / Damaged colour - Mechanical / Frost damage

Solution - Hand tinting the area with careful application of the correct shade of colour tint pigment before re-sealing with a fine mist coat of high solids acrylic. 

Price - £8.50 m²

An Recent Example Of My Excellent Work

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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Problems

Acrylic sealer lifting and clouded

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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Fully Revived

Revived to it's former glory